Currently Reading: Afterwards

A fire breaks out in a British private school on its sports day.  Luckily, the building is mostly empty, but when a mother discovers that her teenage daughter is still inside, she runs in to rescue her.  The two of them survive, but barely, and are brought to the hospital where the story really begins.

Grace and Jenny occupy the hospital outside of their bodies, as spirits.  They can talk to each other and listen to all those around them.  In this limbo, they try and piece together exactly what happened the day of the fire, what caused it, and who is to blame.

I could not put this down.  It's a beautiful story of a mother's love for her children along with a fantastic mystery whodunnit.  Up until the very last pages, the big picture was still not entirely clear.  Every time a new suspect was discovered, you were absolutely sure that they were the guilty party... until a new piece of evidence was discovered.

This would make a great beach read as it goes fairly quickly.  Highly recommended!


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