Golden Globes 2013

When I was in high school, I worked at an ice cream shop.  Best job I have ever had.  One night, I was working my usual Sunday evening shift, when an older gentleman came in by himself.  We were chatting while I was getting his order and he asked me if I had caught Saturday Night Live the night before.  I said I had missed it, but why did he ask?  Turns out that he and his wife had been in the studio audience.  I told him I was incredibly jealous, as I've always wanted to do that and asked how he got tickets.  He told me that his daughter worked on the show.  "That's so cool!" I said, and asked him if she was a writer, crew member, what?  His response was fantastic and I'll never forget it:  "You know that cute little blonde girl in all the sketches?"

Umm, Amy Poehler?  Is that who you're talking about?  Super awesome, talented, hilarious, Amy Poehler?  That "cute little blonde girl"?  Yes, I think I know who she is.

So since Amy's dad and I go way back, I was so incredibly excited to watch her (and Tina Fey, whose impact on my life shall be saved for a different day) host the Golden Globes.  All I could think was "Wow, I bet her dad is so proud right now".

And they killed it.  The opening was fantastic and hilarious.  I loved that they stayed true to their brand of comedy and didn't change things just because this is a "serious" awards show.  And that James Cameron joke?  So great, and only made better by Amy Poehler clearly being so pumped by how uncomfortable she made everyone.

The "Dog President" nominees gag was silly, but made me laugh.  And when both Fey and Poehler really were nominated, I loved their camera cuts of Tina hopefully holding hands with J. Lo and Amy canoodling with George Clooney.  

Basically, they were everything that hosts of this type of event should be.  And they got Lena Dunham through middle school, so good for them on that count too!

And now, my best dressed of the evening:

Damn girl!  These two looked fantastic.  I love that Tina went for some sparkle and that Amy went with my recent favorite, burgundy.

Emily Blunt is gorgeous, there's no doubt, and I thought her dress was flattering, but particularly loved her easy up-do and simple makeup.

Despite DT asking "Is that Kim Kardashian?", I think that Eva looked great.  She was sexy and glamorous.

Sarah Paulson's dress was unlike anything else I saw on the red carpet.  I love the flapper style that it has and think it looks wonderful on her.

This dress also stood out on the carpet as I saw few people in prints, and especially nothing as pastel or floral as this one.  Lucy Liu's fishtail braid was right on trend, and I just think the dress is unique and stunning on her.

Everyone has a crush on Jennifer Lawrence by now, right?  It was amazing to see her win, give a hilarious speech, and look so beautiful and graceful.  

And these ladies again.  Because duh.


  1. Jennifer Lawrence's speech was the bomb. Loved her's and Emily Blunt's dresses too!

  2. kate hudson and emily blunt's were definitely my favorites!!



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