Four on Thursday

Good morning!  Last night, DT and I took his cousin out to dinner as a thank you for getting us such a great discount on our rental car back in November.  Their family is Lebanese, so we went to Me Jana in Arlington.  That place is one of the few reasons I will cross the river into Virginia.  The food is amazing, the staff is incredibly friendly, and it reminds DT of his family's cooking.  Wins all across the board. 

Calvin Klein Pack-able Water Repellent Anorak in Rhubarb (also in black and olive), on sale $119.26

Anoraks are back.  I for one, could not be more pleased.  The color on this one is gorgeous, it's packable (always a plus), and it just looks like a flattering cut.  Possibly the cutest way to be waterproofed.

Land's End Canvas Cropped Cocoon Coat in Deep Ocean Green, on sale $99.99

I just bought this, so let's hope its as adorable in person as it is online.  My criteria for winter coats is fairly stringent:  Mostly wool (for warmth - my year in Miami ruined me forever), well-tailored, and an unexpected color.  While a black coat is always in style, I like to have something that stands out a bit more.  This might be the coat!

Old Navy Skinny Belt 2-Packs, on sale $15

One of the things I always forget and am trying to remember to add to my outfit is a belt.  They just streamline your look.  And here Old Navy comes to the rescue with cute, colorful skinny belts at a great price.  I'm partial to this mint and chartreuse combo, but there's quite a few combinations to try.

Old Navy Monogrammed Sweater, $24.94

Old Navy kills is again with monogrammed sweaters.  Monograms aren't new by any means, but it seems like I've been seeing them on anything and everything recently.  Unfortunately, unless your name starts with A, C, J, L, M, or S, you are out of luck.  Unless you want to screw with people.


  1. LOVE that oldnavy sweater! i got it in T! great finds lady!



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