SAG Awards 2013

As you've probably noticed, I'm a sucker for awards shows.  Watching celebrities interact with each other is like crack to me.  But since I claim this is a fashion blog, I thought I'd share my favorite dresses from Sunday night's SAG Awards.

Helen Hunt looks sleek and glamorous in this silver gown.  The bangles are a great addition.

We can all agree that her hair is insane, right?  Old Hollywood glamour with the hair, a navy dress that makes her skin look gorgeous, and a long pendant necklace make for a memorable red carpet look.

This actually wasn't one of my absolute favorite dresses, but the fact that Jennifer Lawrence was sick and still showed up and looked this good gets her major points with me.  As if she needed them.

This color is stunning and Sarah Hyland looks flawless.

How unbelievable does Sally Field look?  Honestly, this woman has been acting forever and she simply looks amazing. 

Yes, there is a lot of cleavage going on, but I loved this gown on Naya Rivera.  She looks sexy without trying too hard and the classic hair is the perfect topper.

Tina's my girl, obviously.  What could have been a simple, but shapeless black dress is made a million times better with the addition of the metallic belt.  And yes, I will be watching 30 Rock's series finale on Thursday and so should you.

Amy Poehler is rocking that body in this curve hugging dress.  Plus the tousled hair looks fabulous.

But my favorite of the night was hands down, Nina Dobrev.  The hot pink is perfect on her skin, the cutouts are simple and sexy rather than trashy, and the super skinny pink belt absolutely makes the dress.  This is how you do red carpet.


  1. I totally agree with all of these. Honestly though, I think Helen Hunt was my favorite. stunning.

  2. LOVED all the navy on the red carpet!!


  3. Once again, beautiful gowns! Thanks for featuring the red carpet styles. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!

    Twirling Clare


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