Rent the Runway Pop Up

Last Friday after work, some girlfriends and I headed over to the Living Social building for a Rent the Runway Pop Up Shop.  The idea behind it was that, so close to inaugural ball season, it would be convenient to be able to try on dresses you may want to rent for a gala, reception, or just for fun.

As I RSVP'd through CapFABB, I was given a "press" bracelet, which made me laugh the entire time.  While my friends had to wait for their number to be called, I could come and go as I pleased from the VIP press area to the showroom to the bar.  I learned that I cannot take myself seriously in those situations.

The dress selection was not as large as I would've hoped, but they did have a fair amount of variety.  There were certainly more cocktail dresses than ball gowns, so depending on what you were looking for, you may have had some difficulty.

All in all it was a fun event with great company.  I didn't try anything on because it was a little hectic and I don't yet have any ball plans, so it seemed slightly frivolous in my case.  I also have a weirdly large amount of cocktail dresses in my closet and can make due if I have to.  

Are you going to a ball?  What are you wearing?

*Update* Just found this photo on the internet thanks to Whitney.  


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