Four on Thursday

We're almost there.  The weekend, I mean.  Even though it feels like we just had one, I'm very ready for this upcoming one.  I've got plans for a friend's birthday dinner of all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue and a potentially freezing cold soccer game.

The Limited Inverted Pleat Skirt, on sale $24.99

Stripes, who woulda thunk it.  I'm very into fuller skirts lately and love the coloring of this one from The Limited.  Wear it now with some tights (the metallic stripe is gorgeous) and barelegged in the spring.

Mirrored Seahorse Sweater, $19.80

By now, we've all seen Blair wearing her gorgeous anchor print sweater, but I'm opting for seahorses at a lower price point.  It's fun, it's a little ridiculous, and it's inexpensive.

Land's End Pleat Shoulder Drapey V-Neck Dress, on sale $29.99

This dress is beautiful and comes in 5 colors (black and four gorgeous jewel tones), so pick whatever is most flattering on you.  And for $30?  I'm always looking out for long sleeved dresses, which seem to be few and far between, so I may stock up on this one in a few colors.

TopShop Vee Woven Metallic Ballerina Pumps, $36

Gold woven flats.  If these make it to my closet, I may never take them off.  


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