Four on Thursday

What a week.  I am kicking January's butt, getting things done, keeping up with my "resolutions", and crossing everything off my to-do lists.  Also, I cut my hair.  The shortest its been since maybe sixth grade.  I'm calling it a long bob.  Although I'm still getting used to it (that first shower after its been cut when you're washing it and think "umm, where's the rest of my hair?", because its just. not. there.), I think its a much better look for me.  

And in "OMG, I Can't Believe She's Actually Doing It" news, I am in the midst of upgrading my phone and joining the 21st century with a smartphone.  There is potential for this to be finalized tonight.  End of an era, I know.  Keep you posted.

Gap Cowlneck Sweater in Neon Violet, on sale $28.99

Cowlnecks are my favorite.  In fact, I happen to be wearing one today.  Now, I know that all of the stores are starting to put out their spring looks, but that just means that now is the time to get great deals on sweaters, coats, and boots.  Also, as much as I want to put on sandals, there is a lot of winter left, so don't forget it!

The Limited 678 Floral Skinny Jeans, on sale $19.99

Printed denim and pants don't seem to be going anywhere.  This pair caught my eye because the price is amazing, but also because, although the print is fairly bold, the coloring keeps it from going too far.  These are two colors you would see on "regular" jeans, so I like how they anchor the print a bit.

J. Crew Jackie Cardigan in Stripe, on sale $44.99

As if you don't already know, J. Crew is having an extra 30% off final sale right now and you can clean up.  I bought a $350 coat last week for... wait for it... $47.  Between it being on sale, the extra 30% off, and some Christmas gift cards, I scored big time.  The Jackie cardigan is a J. Crew staple, but I love that they are always adding new colors and styles.  This striped version would be perfect for warmer weather and the pastels aren't too shabby either.

Asos Gem Drop Earrings in Coral, $14.07

They're a little costumey, a little gaudy, and a lot of fun.  Sometimes you just need a great statement earring to really make an outfit work.  These will certainly do the trick.


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