For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Happy weekend!  The weather looks beauuutiful and I just won VIP tickets to the Earth Day Concert on the Mall, so I'll be spending all my time outdoors.  There's also my soccer game and a girls' brunch on Sunday, so it should be a good one.  

Enjoy whatever you get up to!

The 50 best films of the decade, so far, Part I and Part II.  I've seen some of these, and totally agree.

The Myth of Police Reform.

Katie Nolan is my hero.

If this isn't an argument for raising the minimum wage, I don't know what is.

What does gun violence cost the average taxpayer?

Thinking of starting a yoga practice?  Here are some etiquette tips.

Fascinating look at genetics vs. society.

Most highly anticipated movies at the Tribeca Film Festival, or, more accurately, what I will be watching when they show up on Netflix in 12-18 months.

Some Orthodox men claim that they cannot sit next to women on planes, leading to awkward interactions.  If that's the case though, maybe the men should offer to move seats, rather than expecting the women to do so.

2014's most banned books. You know, because reading things that are different from your own life is dangerous.

Turn my curling iron into a curling wand?  I don't really know the difference between those two things, but I might give it a try this weekend.


  1. i've tried using my curling iron as a curling wand (from that very article none-the-less! it actually works pretty well.

  2. Keri, I tried it last weekend and was really happy with how my hair turned out! It was really easy, except that my hair is on the shorter side right now, so keeping my fingers from getting burnt was tricky. I made it out mostly unscathed!


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