For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Even though the forecast is not cooperating, I'm heading down the Charlottesville for the weekend for the Foxfield Races.  I may not be Southern or particularly care for horses, but I do love sundresses and day-drinking.  The sundresses may not be busted out this year, but that's nothing a pastel jean and rainboots can't fix.

We started watching Netflix's Daredevil and dare I say, it's pretty good.

Ted Cruz, debater.

How To Throw Like a Girl.

A fascinating look at our "missing" population.

Allie is one of my favorite bloggers and I love how real she gets, even with the very people who judge her.

My hood is getting a coffee shop and I cannot wait to destroy some breakfast sandwiches.

Women can run, too.

100 Best Books of the Decade So Far.  I've got some serious reading to do.


  1. Aww thanks mamacita, I always love your link posts and am honored to be in it this week! <3


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