Sporty Spice

Sweater: c/o Woolovers; Denim: Asos (sold out, same style here); Boat Shoes: Sperry; Necklace: Gorjana via Rocksbox; Tote: Old Navy (similar); Shades: Ray Ban

When DT and I were at the Earth Day Concert a couple of weeks ago, I had a really weird experience.  We'd been watching the performances (Mary J. Blige, Fallout Boy, Usher) and ducking into the tent in between acts to snack and people-watch.  I was most excited to see No Doubt perform, so when we knew they were coming up, we made our way out to the lawn to make sure we had a good view.

Chris Martin (of Coldplay and recent possible Jennifer Lawrence boyfriend fame) introduced them and one by one, the band made their way onto the stage.  The opening notes of Just A Girl picked up.  And when Gwen came out... I burst into tears.

It was the weirdest thing.  It was totally unexpected and I felt ridiculous that it was even happening.  What was this?

Over the next few days, I tried to process what had happened.  I think I was just completely overwhelmed by so many factors.  Tragic Kingdom was the first CD that I ever bought.  I listened to it on repeat, with the cover liner in hand, learning every word to every song.  That record and the band were just this huge turning point in my life, musically.  I can't really describe the appreciation I have for that, because I didn't even know I had it until that moment.

Gwen has always been the coolest person on the planet.  When I was at the age where Britney and Christina were popping up, baring their navels to the world, Gwen was different.  Yeah, she was showing her stomach, but she wasn't doing it for anyone but herself.  It wasn't a sexual thing, it was her being herself and not apologizing for it.  Even at Earth Day, she was wearing a crop top, cargo pants, and had her thong showing up the back of her pants.  It was so '90s it hurt.  But it wasn't trashy or trying too hard.  It was her.

Point of this story?  I aspire to be that way.  Are these jeans the most flattering on me? Nope, but I love how they feel.  Stop dressing for everyone else and dress for yourself.

Like by wearing this sweet baseball sweater and boat shoes, confusing jocks and preps everywhere.

*Woolovers provided me with items in exchange for a review.  I try to work with companies that I am either already a customer of or believe to offer a quality product.  All opinions are my own because who else's would they be?


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