Leather for Spring

Jacket: Wilson's Leather (similar); Top: via TJ Maxx; Denim: via MyHabit; Boots: Nine West (sold out, similar here on sale); Clutch: LL Bean (similar); Necklace: Gorjana via Rocksbox (very similar); Earrings: c/o South Moon Under (similar); Shades: Ray Ban

I'm going to hop on the bandwagon and talk about being "busy".  Yes, I know, everyone's doing it.  And now we're into the backlash of busy, because really, what are we all so busy doing?

I'm busy, but I feel like I'm not busy doing anything, I'm just busy existing.  Between commuting, work, workouts, cooking, cleaning, and trying to blog before bed, my days are gone before I know it and I pass out after reading two pages of my book.  And all those things I am doing are just the bare minimum.  I'm not even taking on anything extra.

Obviously I could cut back on things.  But what?  Working out needs to stay because I'm pushing 30 and my metabolism is crashing and burning.  Cooking needs to stay because it's both healthy and budget-friendly.  Blogging is the only thing that I would consider a hobby and I suppose that could go, but I still love doing it. 

Is there a solution?  Other than just feeling burnt-out, but powering through anyway?  


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