Rocksbox Review

About a dozen or so bloggers that I follow were recently offering one month of Rocksbox free with a code, so I caved and signed up for it.

The concept is really simple.  For $19/month, you get three pieces of jewelry that you can keep for as long as you want (and even opt to purchase if you so choose) until you're sick of them and then you send them back and get three new pieces.

Not too shabby.

You start by filling out a style questionnaire to help the Rocksbox stylists pick pieces you'll actually like.  The questions are straightforward.  Gold or silver?  Statement or dainty?  And there are a couple times where you pick the look or piece that you like best.

I was really happy with the items I received.  There was a statement necklace by Trina Turk (soooo pretty and soooo expensive).  I've worn it quite a few times already, both to work and on the weekend.  I would never spend $150 on a necklace, so it's cool to sort of rent one.  There was also a daintier necklace by Gorjana.  It's slightly edgier than what I normally wear, but I like its simplicity and I've been wearing it on an almost daily basis.  Last but not least were a great pair of stud earrings by Perry Street.  They're simple, but also blingy if that's possible.

Rocksbox really exceeded my expectations, and considering I tend to be pretty cynical about stuff like this, I was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience.  My stylist picked pieces that I'm actually wearing and I can't really complain about paying $19 a month.

*This post is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by Rocksbox.  I just really liked the experience and wanted to share my thoughts with you.  All opinions are my own, because who else's would they be?


  1. I love the picks - especially the Gorjana necklace. I've been seeing SO many blogger codes but I haven't caved yet lol I really don't need more jewelry but I like the whole concept! May need to try it.


  2. love that trina turk! how many months would you have to keep it at $19 a month to make it worth paying for it? haha

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  4. Alissa - I've been really happy with it too. I definitely don't need more jewelry either, but that's why it's a great concept. I'm only renting it!

    Keri - The Trina Turk necklace is so gorgeous! Keeping it is a little out of my budget right now though!


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