Cleaning Out My Closet aka My thredUp Experience

If you're anything like me, you are constantly reorganizing your closet, which hopefully results in getting rid of things.  This is good!  Less is more!  Capsule wardrobe!  Ok, not quite that far.  But, I do get a sense of satisfaction from throwing things away.  

In the past, I would toss it all into garbage bags and carry it down the street to my local donation box.  Recently though, I decided that I needed to increase my cash flow, and selling those perfectly good clothes seemed like a great option.

thredUp was offering their Clean Out Kit free (normally $4.95), so I ordered one to try out the process.  Here's the deal.

Order the kit.  They'll send you an adorable polka dot bag to fill up with all your goodies.  At this point, you also choose whether you want your unaccepted items to be donated or returned to you.  Note that there is a fee if you want the items back.

Start filling!  You can use thredUp's website to look up which brands they do and do not accept.  In my experience so far, they accept most mall brands, and even lesser known brands that I've found at Marshalls or TJ Maxx.  They, of course, take higher end brands as well.

Seal the bag and drop it off with USPS.  Shipping is free and your bag will be headed straight to their warehouse for sorting.

Once they receive your bag, you'll be sent a link with all of the items of yours that have been accepted and are now for sale.  They'll also tell you how much your payment will be.  Yay for cash!  After two weeks, you are able to "cash out" aka move that amount into your Paypal account.  You can also use it to shop on thredUp if you'd prefer.

I've sent in two bags so far and have been really happy with how simple the process is.  The only thing I wish I'd done differently was kept a list of everything that I sent in, so that I would know the types of things that they didn't accept.  That said, the majority of my items were accepted and I was happy with my payout.

This isn't a sponsored post!  I wanted to share my good experience with you and would love to hear if anyone has tried it out too!


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