For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Happy Friday!

This week started off slow, but really picked up steam there at the end.  

I've got a quiet night planned, an early workout tomorrow, and then I'm off to Charlottesville to visit some friends for the rest of the weekend.  Looking forward to wine and hopefully some warm (and dry) weather!

See you back here on Monday, but until then, enjoy some light pre-weekend reading.

DC, March 2016

Rolling Stone endorses Hillary Clinton for President.

I'm not big into DIY, but Erin's monogrammed tote bag is to die for.

Fuller House is pretty terrible (not so terrible that I haven't watched three episodes), but I appreciated this article about why Stephanie's wardrobe is important.

This video makes me miss Ireland.  Also, that's a hell of a wake.  

I loved this article about Miuccia Prada.

A tough, but important read about sexual harassment in what we consider our pristine wilderness.

Rent the Runway is now offering an unlimited service where, for $139/month, you can rotate three items at a time through your closet, as often as you want.  It's definitely tempting.


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