For Your (Weekend) Consideration


This was a long week.  I spent Monday recovering from a quick jaunt to Charlottesville (more on that soon) and food shopping, Tuesday working out, Wednesday at trivia, and Thursday back on the spin bike, followed by packing.  

I'm headed north tonight to celebrate my biffle's 30th birthday!  She's one of the last to hit this milestone, so it should be a really fun time harassing her!

Other than that, I'm looking forward to some quality time with my mom and to being at home in our new old house now that my grandparents have officially moved in!

Charlottesville, April 2016

Marimekko for Target looks really fun!  Mark your calendars for April 17th.

Wisconsin voters had major issues in this week's primary due to, you guessed it, voter ID laws.  Reminder: voter fraud is not an actual problem in the States.

This is sort of a funny/dumb essay about how Friends foretold the intellectual downfall of America by showing how Ross, the smart one, was constantly ridiculed and shunned.  Absurd?  Yes, but still a fun read. 

Barney Franks ain't no Bernie bro.

36 Hours in Galway!  I miss it so much and it looks like there are so many new places to check out!  My cousins are planning on studying there next spring, so you know I'll be crossing the Atlantic to see them.

I have a weird fascination/terror of childbirth, so I liked this essay by a "radical doula".

Local?  Check out DC's best independent bookstores.  I'm partial to Kramerbooks and Capitol Hill Books myself.

Happy weekend!


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