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Hey there!  Yes, again I'm not checking in until mid-week.  Blogland is getting away from me!

This weekend was glorious.  The perfect mix of fun and productivity.  

I spent Friday night laying low.  

Saturday found me at a Prince tribute theme ride at spin class (#allthefeels), followed by a nap, and some spring cleaning. Oh my god you guys, my linen closet is so organized that I almost took photos of it until I realized that I am so not one of those people.  That night I headed out for a fun girls' dinner, complete with margaritas and lots of laughter.  

Sunday I grabbed a late breakfast with a friend and then tackled my closet, finally making the full switch over from cold to warm weather.  And that night we had dinner with friends and watched the season premiere of Game of Thrones.  

All of that was wonderful and did not lend itself to editing photos or prepping posts.  Real life takes priority!

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Did You Ever Have a Family by Bill Clegg - A truly beautiful and heart-breaking look at what happens to a small town after a terrible tragedy and just how far out the ripples of that tragedy reach.  The point of view changes from chapter to chapter, so you really get a feeling for how each character is dealing, coping, handling their own life and the tragedy.  This book is so wonderfully written, I'll be seeking out more from Bill Clegg.

Hausfrau by Jill Alexander Essbaum - Anna lives in Switzerland with her Swiss husband and her three children.  Anna is an American.  She has isolated herself over her ten years in this new country by not making friends, not learning the language, not getting a job.  To deal with the tedium of her days, Anna has affairs.  Eventually, these affairs blow up her entire life.  Anna is a flawed and very unlikable character, who makes for a very interesting read.

A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay - Who doesn't love a good possession story?  The Barretts are your typical middle-class American family until money issues arise, Dad turns to religion, and older sister Marjorie becomes possessed.  Told by younger sister Merry a number of years later, the Barrett's story is one that could happen to any family.  When the opportunity arises for the family to take part on a reality show, they take it, believing that it could be the solution to their financial woes and to whatever has taken over Marjorie.  Smart, scary, and with a perfectly chilling ending, I loved this book.


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