The Weekly Wishlist

As always, at the start of a new year, I've gone through all my finances from the previous year and seen that I spent far too much money on clothes and need to cut back.  And yet, I still want new things.  Shopping is definitely emotional for me and I do much more shopping when I'm depressed or bored.  This year, I'm going to make an attempt to make smart, targeted purchases to fill voids in my closet and not just add more and more and more.  Here are some items that I think would do just that!

The Weekly Wishlust
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Brooks Brothers Cotton Printed Dress, on sale $79 - Remember how I said I always try to shop in advance of events?  Well, here's an ideal 4th of July dress for a steal!  I mean, $80 for a sundress isn't ideal, but I would get a lot of wear from this!

Neiman Marcus Harper Nylon Tassel Backpack, on sale $45 - Is it weird that I want a backpack?  My last backpack was probably in high school, a fabulous leather Kenneth Cole number that I rocked.  Nylon seems like the way to go now.  Easy to clean, weather-resistant, and not something I have to worry about.  The military color of this is a cool neutral too.

Neiman Marcus High-Neck Crepe Wrap Blouse, on sale $44.55 - I like simple pieces with something unexpected, just like this white blouse with a choker detail.  It's an elevated basic.  Yes, you're wearing the same white blouse like everyone else in the office, but with a little something extra to make it stylish.

Express Ivory Contrast Piping Portofino Shirt, $49.50 - When I saw Roxanne in this top, I had to know where it was from.  It's a boss top.  Another white button-up, but with super modern contrast piping that makes you stand out in the best possible way!

BP Textured Moto Jacket with Faux Shearling Trim, on sale $77.40 - Ok, this is purely for the cozy factor.  Moto jackets are in, all the cool girls are wearing them, and I want mine to be as warm and snuggly as possible.  Sort of like a wearable teddy bear.


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