The Weekly Wishlist

For a short week, this one is dragging.  Probably because we're about to watch the beginning of the collapse of democracy as we know it, but who knows? NBD, right?

Putting my stress towards things that make me happy, like snuggling up on my couch, drinking wine, and online shopping.  Here goes nothing.

The Weekly Wishlist

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Alo Moto Leggings, $110 - These leggings are far more badass than I am, which is exactly why they must be mine.  They're super cool.  These are probably the definition of athleisure.  Wear these to spin class, followed by brunch with the ladies.  Attitude required.

Vince Open-Front Car Coat Sweater, on sale $184.50 - Vince makes the absolute best sweaters.  They're incredibly cozy and warm.  They are also really expensive.  This is one of the lowest prices I've seen for a Vince sweater, so hop to it!

Ann Taylor Wool Cashmere Lace-up Sweater, $98 plus 40% off w/ code TOPS40 - This one is just fun.  I'm into the lace-up, both colors are gorgeous neutrals, and the price is right.  

Theory Cotton Jersey Tie-Waist Dress, on sale $76 - Warm weather will eventually be back and you should be prepared with easy, comfortable dresses.  I love the styling of this one from Theory.  It's your standard tee shirt dress, slightly elevated with the cool tie at the waist.  

Eddie Bauer Long Sleep Cardigan, on sale $59.40 - I didn't know that sleep cardigans were a thing, but damn are they right up my alley.  This looks like the perfect robe to wrap yourself up in on Friday night and not take off until Monday morning.  Ok, that's a slight exaggeration, but I think it would make those lazy weekend days even better.


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