Pop, Fizz, Clink!

We've recapped the holidays.  In fact, we've recapped the entire year.  What's next?  

How about the year ahead?  And yes, I am aware we're twelve days in, but there's no time like the present!

You saw my 2016 resolutions recently, and while I did pretty well at them, I'm going into 2017 with a different mindset:  Goals over resolutions.  Resolutions make me feel guilty.  Goals, I can achieve.  

#1 - Work out 4x week - Pretty self-explanatory.  It's manageable and something I probably do pretty consistently already, but I want to be able to cross this off the to-do list each week.  This month, it will be lots of spin, with the occasional barre class thrown in.  Later, I'll throw in yoga and some running.  Maybe even some dance classes if I'm feeling adventurous.  Mostly, exercise is therapy for me.  I feel better overall when there are regular workouts in my life.

#2 - Make something new from scratch 1x/month - I really like cooking.  I find it relaxing and satisfying.  And a home-cooked meal just tastes better.  In the interest of getting a little bit healthier (and saving some money), I want to explore making some things from scratch.  Earlier this month, I tried my hand at homemade chicken stock (easy and so much better than the boxed stuff), and now that we have both a KitchenAid (thanks, Mom!) and a Vitamix (thank you, generous friends!), I'm ready for more.  Hummus, anyone?  

#3 - Get a new job - Also pretty self-explanatory.  This has been a long-time coming and with some additional things that have happened recently, it's more necessary than ever.  The major problem here is figuring out what I want to do.  I'd also like to start freelancing as a side hustle.  If you aren't watching Good Girls Revolt on Amazon, get on it (even though it was cancelled, wahhh!).  The Nora Ephron character says at one point, "Writing makes you a writer."  That hit me like a ton of bricks.  I like to fancy myself a writer, but other than this space where I basically ramble on about nothing, what am I writing?  Got to change that!

On that note, let's raise a glass to a new year!

Sweater: Helmut Lang (sold out, similar here or here); Leggings: Spanx; Booties: Sam Edelman; Clutch: Kate Spade (similarly festive); Shades: Ray Ban


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