That Time We Got Married: Part Two

Alright guys, round two of wedding stuff!  Hope you're not sick of us already!

After the ceremony, we sent our family off for cocktails and DT and I hung around to do some portraits.

Since we hadn't done engagement photos, I wanted to make sure we had time to dedicate to the narcissists that we are.

The weather was perfect, and I don't use that term lightly.  Anyway, because of that, we had the most incredible golden hour light.  Both our photographer and his assistant were freaking out about it - it was awesome.

It's super awkward standing around posing with your new spouse, so we escaped.

Run away!

No, but really, it's a lot of standing around, looking at each other and occasionally kissing when prompted, which goes against all my anti-PDA stances.

But then you end up with photos like this one:

And it's all worth it.

Ps. how filthy are my feet?

Dress: Asos; Hair by The Beehive

All photos by Doug Levy.  Obsessed with him.  Hire him for anything everything you may ever need.


  1. These photos are stunning!!! You guys are just adorable.



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