That Time We Got Married: Part One

Ok guys, here's the deal - weddings are dumb.

Not really.  I love going to weddings.  It's actually one of my favorite things.  But the thought of having a wedding for myself?  Not interested.

When Dan and I decided to get married, all I wanted was to go to City Hall and maybe have dinner (or brunch!) with our parents afterwards.  After talking it over, we realized that we probably should have some sort of party so that all of our family and friends could celebrate how awesome we are.

But could we manage to do both of those things?  Keep it small and simple, but also party with our favorite people?  

Oh boy, did we.

We opted to do a very small ceremony on the beach in Westport, Massachusetts.  Dan's family has a summer home there, so we've been going there as long as we've been together.  It's a special place to us and it happens to be picturesque as hell.

We hired a Justice of the Peace, invited only our parents, grandparents, and siblings, and wrote our own vows.

It was intimate and exactly what we wanted.  No huge group of people staring at us, no long walk down the aisle where I would almost certainly trip and fall.

I should also mention that we did this on Friday evening of Columbus Day Weekend, when a hurricane was supposed to hit.  We were fully prepared to get married in wetsuits or in our hotel room, but things worked out magically.  The weather was insanely perfect.

It was super warm with a gentle ocean breeze.  I mean, look at that movement of my dress!  I was like Beyoncê in front of a wind machine.

Getting married is weird.  There's a lot of sustained eye contact.

My ring is also super tiny, so we were happy it didn't fall into the sand and rocks because if it had, there was no way we were finding it.

My face when we were officially married.  I'm such a weirdo.


Our ceremony was super short - just like we wanted.  We were able to take some family photos, which was really important to us.  Dan is lucky enough to have all four of his grandparents and they were all able to make it.

It was such a perfect start to our wedding weekend and it went off without a hitch.  Or with a hitch?  Because we got hitched?

And yes, I was barefoot the whole time.  It's a beach.

Dress: Asos; Hair by The Beehive

All photos by Doug Levy - I can't recommend him enough.  Incredibly nice, easy to work with, really reasonable pricing, and amazing quality of photos.  Definitely reach out to him if you need a photographer!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so glad you did it your way and it was the day you've always dreamed of. I love that you had a meaningful ceremony and included your family. Now celebrate! Marriage is awesome!!!!!


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