Currently Reading: Blood Meridian

English major confession:  I'd never read Cormac McCarthy until now.

Baaaad English major.

He never came up in my syllabi and although I'd heard great things about his work, it always slipped through the cracks for me.

Last week I picked up Blood Meridian to give it a go.  

And I'm struggling through it.

Part of it is my own fault, as I've never had romanticized feelings about the American West, so I find it hard to get excited about it.  

And while the writing is stunning, I find myself zoning out, skipping paragraphs, and becoming distracted.

Usually, I read a book really quickly, but this one has been in my bag for almost two weeks and I'm barely a third of the way through.

The story follows a runaway teenager, the kid, who finds himself traveling through the American West and Mexico, finding extreme violence, some of it committed by him, everywhere he goes.  

I may need to start this one over from the beginning and really focus on it, because I do believe it's truly great writing.

But for a summer read, it's killing me.

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