Currently Reading: The Night Circus

"Currently reading" should maybe be changed to "just barely started reading and therefore, have nothing of value to say yet".

I started The Night Circus on the bus this morning and got a meager 40 or 50 pages in.  

So far, so good.

A circus comes to town with no advertising, no warning.  It is open from dusk until dawn.  Shrouded in mystery, the crowd gathers to see what it could be.

Celia, five years old, is delivered to her father, Prospero the Great, with a note pinned to her overcoat.  Her mother is handing her over.  Prospero is not merely a magician though - his tricks are not illusions, they are true magic.  And Celia possesses that innate ability to perform the very same magic.

Prospero and an old friend, Alexander (not his real name), wager a bet on their students, Celia being one.  The other is an orphan boy who Alexander takes, boards, and teaches.

What will this game entail?  Will either student survive?

Only time will tell.

Dun dun dunnnnnnn.

In all seriousness, I'm intrigued by the story so far.  Prospero seems completely self-involved, caring only for his daughter based on what she can do for him.  And things just got interesting with Alexander's student, who is sharing his magic with others.  

I'll update you as I go.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Looks interesting! I've added it to my library queue.

  2. It was a good summer book - not a great literary feat, but an intriguing story.


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