Life's Too Skort

Sweater: Forever 21 (like this one); Skort: Zara (sold out); Tote: Old Navy (like this one); Wedges: Target (similar); Necklace: Very Jane (Etsy version); Shades: Ray Ban

This morning, I finally got back to the mat.

It's only been a three-week break from yoga, but it seemed like much longer.

I was tired, cranky, lazy without it.

Getting back into it wasn't easy.  That alarm going off at an ungodly hour was not a happy sound.

But laying on that mat, stretching out, lengthening my limbs, all made it worth it.

The sweat felt earned, deserved even.  The soreness is a good hurt.  And as cheesy and new age as it sounds, mentally, I just feel in a much better space.

Good enough head space to come up with the best pun ever for this post title.

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  1. I have seen this skirt around and I love it, it's fun with navy and the statement necklace you picked!

  2. I love the post title - but I love the skort more! I wish I snagged one now!


  3. Thanks, Elissa! I'd seen the skirt everywhere and on everyone, but I couldn't resist - it's such a fun piece!


  4. It's definitely fun, even if it is all over the place! You're first on the list if I decide to get rid of it!


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