For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Oh man, am I ready for the weekend!  This week was a long one and I'm ready to relax.  I do have a few fun things planned, but am mostly looking forward to spending some serious time on my couch watching the new season of The Fall.  I hope you're up to something good!

Baker's Beach, August 2016

Some genius Halloween costumes.

Republicans have a strange fascination with sex.  

"The burdens women bear in exchange for their reproductive freedom are considered too much to expect men to deal with."

Liz Meriwether wrote a beautiful essay about how women have always reported sexual assault, unwanted touching, groping, etc - to each other.

The Yale Record does not endorse Hillary Clinton.

Ready for binge season?  Here's what coming to Netflix and Amazon Prime in November.  I'm excited for The Night Manager!

Watch this video of older women discussing how important it is for women to vote - very moving.

Women in Iceland are the feminist heroes we need right now.  

Wow - Senator Mark Kirk isn't even hiding his racism at this point.

I wrote my thesis, in part, on The Handmaid's Tale, so this essay cut me right to my core.  Let's keep Gilead a fiction.  


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