The Weekly Wishlist

I've been drinking a lot of wine lately and apparently that has bled over into my shopping habits.  Very into all things in shades of merlot and burgundy right now!

The Weekly Wishlust
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Lush Surplice Tee, $35 - This is a good top for either work or play.  The wrap cut is flattering and I'm obsessed with the color.  If merlot isn't your thing, it's available in 3 other colors.

Old Navy Pointy Smoking Flat, $26.94 - Flats are my jam.  I walk far too much to settle for heels that I have to change after a few blocks.  These merlot (are we sensing a theme?) smoking flats look perfect for walking.  Good for work, but I'd rock them on the weekends too.

Athleta Belvedere Moto Jacket, on sale $68.99 - We've reached that point of the year where I can't go to and from the gym in just a tank.  It's time to layer up.  This moto jacket seems like a good option.  I like the quilting, the mossy green color, and the moto aspect.  Something a little bit different.  Also in gray.

Lands' End Ankle Buckle Boot, on sale $126.99 - I'm psyched that a slightly higher boot is in style again.  Don't get me wrong - a good bootie is everything, but sometimes I don't want to worry about whether or not my socks are showing.  The texture of this pair is gorgeous!  And the buckle is a nice touch.  Lands' End, killing it.  Also in brown.

Petit Bateau Hannah Horitzontal Stripe Tee, on sale $63.70 - Striped tees never go out of style and you can never have too many.  Especially when they go on sale.  This beauty from Petit Bateau is 30% off and a cool combination of blue & red.  Very chic.  


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