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Asos Cami Maxi Dress -  This is such a pretty shade of blue!  Very Greek islands, very Yves Klein.  Unfortunately, the combination of thin jersey material and a low back made this a no-go for me.   Result: Returned.

Warehouse Premium Vest Dress -  I'm seriously lacking on the work dress front, so I've been actively seeking some out.  This vest dress is really great, thick material.  It's nice to the touch.  I like the longer length and find it more appropriate for the office.  Best of all, it can be worn on its own or layered with other pieces.  Lately, I've been rocking it with a slim black turtleneck sweater underneath. Result: Kept.

Asos Basic Velvet Choker Necklace -  Basic is the operative word here.  I didn't think that I would wear a choker again after sixth grade, but they're back and I hopped on that bandwagon.  This one is as basic as they come - a medium width, black, and velvet.  It adds a fun '90s vibe to your outfit. Result: Kept.

Asos Off the Shoulder Top in Cotton - The off the shoulder thing and I are just not meant to be.  This top was a great price, I've got a trip to the Caribbean on the books, I ordered it.  And they sent the wrong size.  Cue me asking, why is this thing literally falling off my body?  Oh, it's 8 sizes larger than what I ordered.  Result: Returned.

Warehouse Premium Mesh Lace Pencil Dress - You may remember way back when I was looking at wedding dresses that I ordered this one.  Although it wasn't right for what I was going for, I really liked it, so when it went on sale, I grabbed it again.  I still like it.  Great material, a unique cut, and a pretty shade of off-white.  Result: Kept.

Asos Jewel Stud Earrings - You can never have too many pairs of blingy earrings.  It's just science.  These are fun, they're bold without being over the top, and they're inexpensive, so you won't feel too badly when you inevitably lose one.  No, just me?  Sold out, but I like this pair.  Result: Kept.


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