Smart Gift Guide: The Minimalist

Happy Thanksgiving!  It's my most favorite time of the year - the holidays - combined with my least favorite time of the year - gift guide season.  I'm not a fan of gift guides, yet I'm doing them again this year anyway because they turned out to be helpful in my own holiday shopping and hopefully maybe they'll do the same for you.  I'll be doing them on Thursdays from now through the week of Christmas.  If you like 'em, great!  And if not, feel free to skip right past them.  I promise I won't be offended.

Smart Gift Guide: The Minimalist

Or better yet, "Things I Want To Buy Myself".  I think we all put a little bit of ourselves into gift guides hoping they'll be hints to the family we love who read our blogs.  But really, give me cozy neutrals every day of the week.  Also check out literally anything else on Everlane, this beautiful travel set at Cuyana, everything from the Iris & Ink line, or this very cool Etsy shop I discovered.  May your minimalist friends feel neutral about your gift-giving ability.


  1. Hi Erin, thank you for mentioning our little shop OrisDesigns in your post.We're so thankful for all the encouraging support we have received this year!

    For all that read this wonderful blog by Erin, we have an ongoing Black Friday sale at our official website or our Etsy storefront. Just look for those products with a little red ribbon! (Amazing deals just for today!) :)


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