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Recent Purchases

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Lioness Stripe Bodysuit -  When I saw this bodysuit on Jess, I thought, "I could do that."  Oh man, was I wrong.  First, I am an idiot and checked the crotch for snaps and didn't find any.  Ok, must be a pull-on style.  I remember those from ice-skating.  So there I am, topless, struggling to get this thing over my shoulders and it is just not happening.  How could anyone get into this?  Well, I quickly discovered how when I checked the crotch again and yes, there were snaps.  Facepalm.  After I laughed hysterically at myself, I really put it on and the deep v was too deep for me.  There was way too much boob happening.  If you have a smaller chest, I do think this is really cute.  Result: Returned.

Splendid Caracas Sandals -  I got rid of the majority of my sandals this past summer and I needed to replace some of them, especially since I'm headed to the Carribbean in a month.  These were on sale, they were neutral, and they were strappy.  And they fit!  And were comfortable!  They'll be coming with me on vacation. Result: Kept.

LL Bean Saturday T-Shirt in Boatneck Long-Sleeve Stripe -  LL Bean is a lifelong favorite of mine.  Yes, it can be a little matronly in some cases, but they've done a really good job in recent years of keeping the old customers happy while adding new ones.  I need another striped top like a hole in the head, but whatever.  This is great because it's somewhere in between a sweatshirt and a tee.  The material is somewhat thicker than standard cotton and even though it's a boxier fit than I normally would go for, it's a nice weekend shirt. Result: Kept.

Free People Lace Up Bodysuit -  Yes, I tried the bodysuit thing twice.  This one is my favorite waffle henley fabric that reminds me of being super cozy.  Unfortunately, the sizing on this was crazy.  I ordered a small (my regular size) and it was so tiny, so fitted, so tight, that I was having trouble taking deep breaths.  I debated exchanging it for a medium, but just ended up opting to return it.  Result: Returned.

LL Bean Signature Nautical French Sailor Shirt in Stripe -  It's striped.  It's laced-up.  And it's not a bodysuit.  End of story.  Result: Kept


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