A Bridal Shower

Wedding season is in full swing for me.  One down, four to go.  And one shower down as well.

Whitney's shower was small and intimate and lovely and really, really well put together.  Things started out with a mimosa bar complete with four different juices and a selection of fruit garnishes.  I didn't figure out the math on how many combinations you could make, but I did make quite a good dent in whatever that number would be.

The food was all made by our hostess and her family.  There were sweetrolls, strawberry bruschetta, prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, quiche, salad, and my favorite - bacon shaped into hearts.  Because everybody loves bacon.

Instead of playing games, there were a couple very low-key activities, which I appreciated.  The first was a world map where we wrote down places we thought the couple should travel over the course of their marriage.  If they follow our suggestions, they have lots of planning to do.  The other fun activity was writing down date night ideas on popsicle sticks.  

After all the food, there were one million gifts to be opened.  Those two made out like bandits.  I may have to get married just for the goods.


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