For Your (Weekend) Consideration

A Women's National History Museum sounds great, right?  Maybe not, if this is how they run it.

I literally don't understand how you could argue against the wage gap, but some people coughrepublicanscough manage to.  Here's one way it would help.

Stephen King is one of my favorite authors of all time, so I read anything about him I can get my hands on.  This interview between Karen Russell (if you haven't read Swamplandia!, get on it) and he is wonderful.

Summertime means I eat all of the fish.  This easy salmon recipe might become a week night staple.

I actually remember watching Amy Schumer on Last Comic Standing and being really impressed by her.,  Her speech at the Gloria Awards and Gala only adds to that.

If you haven't read the op-ed by the Princeton freshman who "checked his privilege", do it now.  Done?  Good.  Now read my favorite response ever.

This essay on bridesmaids is perfect.

And finally, just because it cracks me up way more than it should, go here.

Have a wonderful weekend!!


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