Four on Thursday

Is it Friday yet?  Memorial Day, you are my favorite.

Another favorite is the Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale, which is happening right now, so of course all of my picks this week are from there.  Get shopping!

1 // This dress is everything I ever want.  It's striped (duh), has a thicker strap, a crewneck neckline, and a slightly longer length.  If I buy this, I will never take it off and you will get sick of outfit posts featuring it.

2 // Perfect summer sweater, found.  I love the subtle texture on this sweater, coupled with the fact that is it a lighter weight.  It's perfect for pulling on over your bathing suit when the sun starts to go down.  Have I mentioned how much i cannot wait to be doing that exact thing?

3 // I somehow have no black sandals.  How is that even possible?  These look like a great option to fill that void.  A thicker heel is so much more comfortable.  They also come in brown and a white/nude combination.

4 // I've been a workout fiend recently.  It's likely my last hurrah before I totally stop because "it's summer" and "there's brunch" and "pool time!".  Either way, cute workout gear is a game-changer because it makes me actually look forward to going.  This tank looks great for the hot weather too because it's breathable and open on the sides.  


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