Four on Thursday

The Bruins lost last night and I'm generally in a funk about it, so let's go straight to the clothes.  They have an unintentional "peaches and cream" theme to them because my mind works in mysterious ways.

1 //  With this warm weather, I start looking for easy tops that are both cute and breathable.  A DC summer is nothing to take lightly.  This top is super cute and looks like it would be great for weekends or for the office.  Most sizes are sold out right now, but let's hope they restock.  Also in black.

2 // My heavy black leather purses are just too much right now.  Something lighter, both in heft and in color, is what I'm in the market for.  The shape of this bag is perfect, as is that cross-body strap.  It also looks much more expensive than a Forever 21 bag and I love tricking people.

3 // I don't know when it happened, but my shoe game has drastically fallen off.  Too much focus on boots.  I'm in desperate need of comfortable and cute flats.  The pointed toe has been calling me lately and I love the sort of watercolor snake print that these have going on.

4 // Structured tops are wonderful.  They instantly add a level of polish to your look.  This orange sherbet color is gorgeous and will look exceptionally nice against a good tan (I wear SPF 45 all summer, but I will eventually get some color... a color that most people call "white").  And the price can't be beat.


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