Four on Thursday

Thursdays are great aren't they?  So far from Monday and yet so close to that elusive Friday afternoon.  Don't mind me waxing poetic - I haven't events every night this week (tonight included).  Exhaustion leads to ramblings.  

1 // We all can't have a Mansur Gavriel, but Old Navy comes to the rescue.  This bucket bag is very cute, super on trend, and basically free.  It also comes in navy.

2 // These pumps are just fun.  They're not a neutral, your office might not be ok with them, but I think they're bright and fun and I want them.

3 //  A striped, sleeveless top is a necessity.  This one had a great pattern, comes in a gorgeous cerulean blue, and works at either the office or the bar.

4 // I need a new work bag.  Grey seems like a good choice.  Zara is killing it lately and the clean lines on this bag are just perfect and professional.  


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