A Rustic California Wedding

Last weekend I made the trek out to the west coast for the first time in... 8 years?  Had it been that long?  My friend KT, who I've known since we were 10, was getting married and planned a whirlwind of a weekend for all of us who were making the trip.

View from the sunrise hike on my first full day.  5am wake-up calls are good once in awhile.

Pre-rehearsal wine tasting.

Cupcakes at the wedding, make with love by two friends!

The groom's home-brewed beer was the wedding favor.

Gorgeous black & white photos of the beautiful couple.

Guest book with KT's amazing tree design.

The wedding took place in Julian, California, famous for its apples.  Cider for all!

Like I said, the groom is very into beer.  He brewed 5 varieties for the wedding.

The food was delicious.  I may have had thirds.

Amazing centerpieces made by the bride and groom.

Obviously, every detail was perfectly executed.  I mean, they built the boxes for the centerpieces and KT then burned her tree design into them.  I can't say enough about how much hard work they put into their day and really, the whole weekend.  There were lots of events where we got to actually spend time with the bride and groom, which never happens at weddings.  We also got to meet other guests before the actual wedding, which made the dancefloor that much more fun.  You haven't lived until you've been in a circle full of twenty- and thirty-somethings around a 6-year old belting out "Let It Go".

I'm headed home to Boston this weekend for their East Coast celebration.  It also just so happens to fall on my 29th birthday, so I may just co-opt it as my own.


  1. Gorgeous details! It looks like a really fun wedding. And glad you made it back to CA. I've only been three times in my life but it's just lovely.

  2. Thanks, Maureen! I also stalked your wedding photos a bit and you looked beautiful!! I hope we run into each other soon so you can give me all the details.


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