Four on Thursday

I'm still playing catch-up on sleep from my West Coast trip and have felt totally out of it all week.  The one thing that's not feeling off is my shopping (let's be honest, browsing) game.  This week I found some awesome neutral, not-so-basic basics.

1 //  I haven't decided if this is a cool jacket or a gym jacket, but I'd probably use it as both.  Asymmetrical zippers aren't usually my thing, but I'm into the moto-jacket look here.  The collar is also amazing.

2 //  Forever 21 has been killing it with their handbags lately.  Yes, they're all faux leather, but they look like a much higher quality than the price leads you to believe.  This navy color is gorgeous.

3 // As soon as it drops below 70 degrees, my MO is to climb into a giant sweater and not come out.  Bonus points if that sweater a) is a turtleneck and b) is tunic length.  Gap to the rescue.  Also comes in lighter grey and purple.

4 // Capes!  I'm in, totally on board with this trend.  What I like so much about this one is that it's structured and looks almost like a blazer.  


  1. Allie, thanks for this. I've waivered so much on that cape coat. I think I may just order it and see how it goes. Gotta love free shipping and returns!


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