Four on Thursday

I just spent a solid 90 minutes trying to make these pictures clickable with the proper links and failed miserably.  If you know of a tutorial or have any tips, let me know!

1 //  A leather skirt has been on my fall wishlist.  I was initially leaning towards a pencil skirt, but this very slightly hi-lo version caught my eye. *Update: only size Medium left.

2 //  Tortoiseshell can do no wrong.  This clutch is classic and will match black, brown, white, gray, camel, you name it.

3 // Jacket season!  This cream topper is a perfect addition to any outfit.  The draping in the front is casual, while the jacket itself has some structure to it.  I'd wear this every weekend. *Update: only size Large left.

4 //  Even though the picture doesn't do it justice and you can't tell, these are over-the-knee boots.  I need to replace my old ones and am thinking about going for suede this time.  It's a nice difference in texture and they look extra cozy.


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