Four on Thursday

Even though I haven't done much (the total opposite of last week), this week has felt long and busy.  I'm looking forward to Halloween weekend and some relaxation.

Apparently, I'm very into berry right now.

1 //  I love everything about this dress.  It's subdued, yet sexy.  That berry color is perfect.  The longer length is gorgeous.  And the back, well, a certain Justin Timberlake song comes to mind.

2//  Hat season is upon us.  While I love the look of a floppy wool hat, beanies are an easier grab-and-go choice for me.  Plus, they give you a casual edge.  

3 //  A DvF wrap dress is a classic and for good reason.  It's flattering, can be worn any season, and is forgiving if you start to put on some winter weight.  This color isn't something I'd typically be drawn to, but when it's a classic for such a great price, I'm willing to forgo my usual neutrals.

4 //  This coat is stunning.  From the color to the collar, it's exactly what I've been looking for in a coat this fall.  This is also the most inexpensive I've seen it offered (it's on sale at Nordstrom here), so I may be scooping this up shortly.


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