For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Happy Halloween!

I hope you're doing something fun, dressing up, and eating an obscene amount of sugar.  No?  Just me?  

I'm not totally clear on what my costume is going to be tonight, but I've got a few things in my bag of tricks and am sure it will all come together.

Enjoy the weekend!

An interesting read on the dynamics of San Francisco's neighborhoods and how tech companies are changing them.

The only thing I'll ever post about Honey Boo Boo.

Millenials and their crazy spending habits.  Spoiler: they're not buying houses or cars, they've already got enough debt.

Keanu Reeves' face is a national treasure.

A graph showing musical tastes based on IQ.  (People still listen to Switchfoot?)

Long read of the week: the concept of "whiteness" and how it was created.

These women in art history websites kill me.

I lied.  Second long read of the week: gluten.

What's coming to Netflix in November.  Anyone else psyched for Snowpiercer (aka best title ever)?

In incredibly depressing news of the week, Iran executed a woman for allegedly killing her attempted rapist.  Her last message is heartbreaking.

A perfect example of policy based on fear instead of addressing the real issue.

I haven't really followed this #GamerGate situation because I'm not a gamer, but anyone who believes that women aren't being unfairly attacked just for well, being women, is dead wrong.  

All T-Pain, all the time.


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