For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Home sweet home.  I'll be enjoying this weekend by hanging out with my friends, having kitchen dance parties with my mom and brother (and forcing DT to participate), and eating all my hometown favorites.  Be back on Tuesday with some California outfits!

One more from the wedding because there are just too many good ones.

It's sweater season, bitches.  Take some inspiration from the ultimate in sweater fashion.

Where all the money for all that pink NFL gear really goes.

Related: really, Susan G. Komen, really?

I'll probably see this dude a lot while I'm in Boston this weekend.

Got a thick skin?  You're gonna need it.

I had a rough start to the week.  It's good to put things in perspective.

The Irish Goodbye is my favorite move.  It also makes sense culturally.

What? I'm supposed to move to New Hampshire now?

Finally, as I'm turning 29 tomorrow, which is basically thirty, which means life is pretty much over, this video was a really nice way to think about the future.  I'm not done yet!


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