For Your (Weekend) Consideration

I'm doing the big closet switch-over this weekend.  I've got a duffel bag full of boots sitting in the middle of my bedroom and that ish needs to be put away neatly so that I can see and then wear all of it.  It's time for the sandals and wedges to be put away, never to be seen again (until it cracks 60 degrees in April).  And there are some serious holes to be filled in my wardrobe.  How do I not have brown Chelsea boots?  Or comfortable black pumps?  Or plain nude flats?  Luckily, I've got some giftcards burning a hole in my pocket.

The newest season of Top Chef, set in Boston this time around, just started and the kitchen was actually in my hometown.

What I would've done to be able to eat like this as a second grader.

David Chang rallies for excellent bad beer.

Use Snapchat?  You're not as safe as you think.

Glenn Close is amazing (and grew up in a cult!).

For fashion girls everywhere, drunk J. Crew is everything you didn't know you needed.


  1. I definitely want to see Top Chef Boston!!



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