Four on Thursday

Last day of the work-week for me!  Late tonight, I'm headed home to New England for the long weekend, my 29th birthday, and an east coast celebration of last weekend's wedding.  So much to do, so many people to see, and here's hoping we've got enough time to do it all!

1 //  With one exception, I don't have any neutral coats.  Everything is red or hot pink or cerulean blue.  I could use some neutrals, like this grey coat.  A classically shaped coat made more fun by a detachable fur collar is right up my alley. 

2 //  A girl can never have enough sweaters, especially if that girl is constantly freezing.  The sleeves are what drew me to this topper, as they add interest to an otherwise basic closet staple.

3 //  Zara is doing reallll good right now.  Everything is on point.  Including this awesome sweater with a slightly longer back hem, which is everything when you're pretending your leggings are pants.

4 //  Something that's not grey!  The LBD is as basic as you get.  I like to have a thicker, long-sleeved version for cooler weather, and how great is this mesh hem?  It's just enough detail without being over the top.


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