For Your (Weekend) Consideration

Happy Friday!  

I Wanna Dance With Somebody is my jam.  This cover is also pretty damn good.

$1 for "artisanal ice" in your cocktail?  DC, we're better than this.

An interesting read on Keene, NH vs. Ferguson, MO.

America, stop trying to make Ebola happen.  It's not going to happen.

Looking for a laugh?  May I suggest this Boston-themed Dark Knight parody?

Little girls saying "fuck".

A new study finds a link between head trauma and domestic violence.  Things just keep getting better for the NFL, don't they?

Heart-breaking stories of conversations that African-American mothers have with their sons.

Thanks to Fox News for reminding me that my one concern in life should be finding a husband who can then tell me how to vote correctly.

New Englanders are crazy and I love that my mom still does this.

Awesome tips on how to create a great home bar and be the perfect host.

Jeff Goldblum forever.


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