Light Layers

Striped Shirt: J. Crew (similar); Chambray: LL Bean (similar); Denim: Guido & Mary via MyHabit (similar); Boots: Nine West (similar); Bag: Phillip Lim for Target

I don't shop much.

That sounds weird coming from someone who styles outfits and takes pictures of them for the internet, but it's true.  Looking at these pictures, the most recent thing in them is the bag, which I got as a Christmas gift last year.  Both shirts have been in my arsenal for a few years, the jeans are a year or two old.  

Then there are the boots.  I bought those babies back in the summer of 2006.  My mom and I had driven down to the Wrentham outlets to do some shopping for my semester abroad in Ireland, which meant I needed a raincoat.  We stopped in Nine West, which just so happened to be having a buy one-get one sale.  These riding boots came in brown and black and clearly, I bought them both.  Best purchase ever.  They've traipsed around Europe on three separate trips, gotten me through winters in Vermont, Massachusetts, and DC, and still look damn good.

They are currently in Maine right now getting a zipper replacement, after which they'll be good for another eight years or so.


  1. LOVE those boots. The color just pops against the blues!


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