Recent Purchases - Review

Recently, I shared some pieces that I had grabbed during a ridiculous sale at Ann Taylor.  Here's how everything worked out.  Spoiler: It wasn't pretty.

Recent Purchases

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[1]  Seriously disappointing.  This sweater was terrible.  I ordered my normal size (a small) and was absolutely swimming in extra material.  The fabric was thin and the side slits caused the sweater to fall on my body incredibly awkwardly.  The turtleneck was also much higher than as shown on the model and oddly bulky when compared to the rest of the sweater.  Result: Returned.

[2] Well, this dress didn't make it to me.  A day after I had placed my order, I received an email from Ann Taylor telling me that this item was no longer available.  This is actually the second time that this has happened to me with Ann Taylor and I was disappointed to say the least.  This dress was the item I was most looking forward to. Result: Never received.

[3]  Oh, I had such high hopes for this dress.  I mean, look at that picture.  It's simple and chic and falls perfectly.  And then there's real life.  Again, a small was HUGE on me. (Side note: This is not a humble-brag situation.  I generally wear a small and sometimes size up to a medium.  Having a size small be enormous on me does not flatter me into thinking my body is smaller, it makes me think a company is vanity sizing).  So, giant dress, awkwardly large sleeves (my arms could have fit in 3 times), and totally unflattering.  It looked like a navy potato sack.  Result: Returned.

[4]  I've been lusting after vests of all kind lately and hoped that this open sweater version would be everything I wanted.  While it wasn't terrible, it wasn't a good enough piece for me to keep.  The material was fairly thick and draped well, but the faux-leather pockets were cheap-looking.  While I went back and forth on this one for awhile, I ultimately decided that it didn't work with enough of my wardrobe.  Result: Returned.

[5]  Finally, something good!  Seriously, this was becoming such a bummer of a post.  This knit poncho a) fit; b) was a quality knit; c) flattered.  All of the above!  I'm really into the cape sleeves that have zippers at both the top and bottom, allowing you to choose the coverage.  I'm excited to wear this pretty much everywhere. (PS. I'm not the only one who loved this poncho as it's currently sold out.)  Result: Kept.  

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