Four on Thursday

So close to another weekend!  Lots going on - DT's sister is coming to visit, end of the season soccer rooftop bar crawl, VIP pool party, and the second week of Hot Pants Brunch Club (location TBD).  Also, the Fassbender was on The Daily Show last night and he was funny and great and bearded and amazing.  Cannot wait to see Prometheus, but I might have to because this weekend is already looking like one for the record books. 


TopShop Lace Corset Flippy Tunic Dress in Ivory, $64

In the past, I've been wary of dresses or tops with the corset top because I feel as if they're saying, "Hello, these are my breasts, nice to meet you", but when I saw one of my favorite bloggers wearing a similarly cut dress without looking like one of those rap guy's girlfriends, I started to believe there might be hope.  LWD, in lace, for summer.  PS. TopShop has free shipping for all orders over $60 until Friday night.  All Hail the Queen indeed.


Zara Jersey Blazer in Fuchsia, $79.90

The painful realization that all has gone wrong that I don't have any bright, fun, colorful blazers for summer.  I stocked up on great winter blazers this past year (think tweed, corduroy, boucle) but am in dire need of a bright pink lightweight addition.  This Zara blazer is a bit pricey for jersey, but I know it will get a ton of wear.  Like possibly everyday.  All summer.

Zara Stone Necklace with Neon Touches, $19.90 (out of stock online)

Ok, so the necklace is out of stock in both colors (neon green and hot pink) online, so might I suggest a trip to your local Zara brick and mortar store to pick it up?  Neon! For $20! Go now!


H&M Blouse in Bright Blue, $4.95

Cobalt blue, Yves Klein blue, whatever you want to call it, it's a great color.  I've been trying to stock up on blouses with this shape for work in the summertime.  They are great on their own or easy to layer in our subzero air conditioned offices.  And honestly, this price is absurd.  This top costs less than my lunch.  Remember how Carrie Bradshaw said sometimes she would buy Vogue instead of dinner because she thought it fed her more?  That's how I feel about this blouse.  Actually, no, I would both eat (food) and buy this top, because it's so inexpensive you can do both!  (PS, despite what some people will try and tell you, Carrie Bradshaw is, in fact, a fictional character.  I'm sorry I had to break the news to you this way.)


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