Four on Thursday

Can you feel the weekend?  It's oh so close.  If you're anywhere on the east coast, I hope you're loving our current heat wave.  I have officially moved into my pool from the hours of 6-9pm everyday.  For me, the hotter, the better (as long as I can get in some water).  Living in Miami for a year will do that to you.  Not everyone feels that way, so if you don't, make sure you're near some air-conditioning at all times, frequently updating your Facebook with pictures of the temperature, and generally complaining to the interwebs.  Now, on to the fun stuff: 


H&M Blazer in Blue, $19.95

Does this qualify as Yves Klein blue?  Even if it doesn't, I love the color, love the cut, love the shape.  Perfect blazer from day to night, from air conditioning to the real world.  Normally I opt for a longer cut, but I'm into the more cropped hem of this one.  It probably looks cute over dresses that way.


Madewell Market-Weaver Bracelet in Assorted Colors, on sale $4.99

Bracelets!  While I can't bring myself to use the term "arm party", if that's your thing, this bracelet will help your cause.  As a child, I essentially made hundreds of friendship bracelets that looked identical to this.  But that took time.  And effort.  And many screw-ups.  So do the easy thing and buy this one.  Save yourself from reliving your childhood by attempting to make one yourself.


Caslon Crossover Back Knit Dress in Red Clay, on sale $29.90

This is my ideal summer day dress.  It's light, it's breezy, and it's really easy to wear with or without accessories.  I'd put this on for a trip to the farmer's market (people do that, right?), casual brunch, or just for a walk along the beach.  No effort necessary, and you look great.  Bing, bang, boom.


Nordstrom Knot Stud Earrings in Worn Silver, $24

When I'm prepped out to the max, I still feel like something is missing.  Now I know, that thing is these earrings.  Preppy, nautical, wear these puppies with everything.  To the beach in your Ralph Lauren bikini? Sure!  To dinner in your Lilly Pullitzer sundress? Of course!  When I'm wearing my Jack Rogers and a headscarf, channeling my "Jackie O in Capri" look?  You betcha! 

Just realized that you could actually wear all of today's picks together for one awesome outfit.  Please do so immediately. 


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