These Are My Confessions

I have a confession to make. 

Deep breath. 

I don't have a smart phone. 

Now, I know some of you probably don't know what that means.  To explain, here is a picture of my phone:

Yes, that is a Nokia.  I bet some of you didn't even know Nokia was still a thing.  Let me tell you, they are alive and well.  This phone has been with me for years.  I've never lost it, broken it, had any major issues with it.  Plus, it's basically a beta smart phone.  I can check my email, go on the internet, take pictures.  That shit cray, I know. 

Now, I can't download apps or talk to creepy robot ladies named Siri, but that's ok with me for right now.  I think we, as a society, have become way too reliant on technology.  Sometimes I like wandering around a city and just getting lost.  Not an option if you can pull up Google maps at any time to tell you exactly where you are in the world.  At dinner, I like to engage with my companions.  Talk to them in person.  Crazy!  Nothing annoys me more than when I see a group of people out to eat and they are all looking at their phones.  First of all, it's super rude.  Secondly, have you nothing to say to each other?  If they're not fun to talk to, why are you out with them in the first place?

I've been debating for awhile, and I know that someday, possibly soon, I will cave and get a smart phone.  But for now, I want to enjoy my Luddite tendencies, be aware of what is happening around me, have to think and remember an answer rather than look it up, just because I can. 


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