Workin' for the Weekend

Dress: Dunnes Store (Ireland, similar here); Necklace: Eastern Market Vendor (similar here); Sandals: Jack Rogers; Ring: H&M (similar here); Bangles: Forever 21 (similar); Watch: Tissot (similar) Shades: Ray-Ban

Monday Schmonday, blah.  Summertime makes me miss being a kid, no school, no work, no obligations.  Just endless days of the beach, ice cream, running around, and playing.  This whole "being an adult" and "working in the summer" is not fun.  I've got to squeeze an entire week's worth of fun and activities into the weekend, which I think I did pretty successfully.  Friday night I met up with my uncle and cousin who were in town from California.  DT had given them a tour of the Capitol earlier in the day, so I grabbed dinner with them at America Eats Tavern (good food, but small portions and totally overpriced).  Afterwards, I had plans to go out with some friends, but the week had drained me so I just went home, had a cocktail, and watched some terrible tv before going to bed nice and early. 

Saturday morning I was up at an ungodly hour, cleaning the apartment, doing my nails, running to the dry cleaners, dropping off clothes to be donated.  I spent the afternoon laying by the pool and may have taken a catnap in the sun.  That night, DT and I decided to try out Pacifico Cantina, which had just opened that day on Barracks Row.  Being opening night, they of course had some kinks to work out, but its got potential.  The food was alright, the mango margaritas were strong, but a little sweet, but the roofdeck was the place to be.  Afterwards, we met up with friends at R&R's roofdeck, before going downstairs to dance.  The DJ was equal parts terrible and awesome, and there was plenty of awkward dancing and aggressive making out going on around us, so all in all, a good night.   

Sunday morning, HPBC headed to Boundary Road on H Street.  We sat at the big, communal table in the middle, plus they provide you with the Sunday paper, which was a nice touch.  Our waitress was super helpful, the food was delicious, cocktails were great, and the spicy chocolate cake was amazing.  I haven't been for dinner yet, but brunch was definitely worth it (and inexpensive).  Post-brunch was more pool time, a home-made dinner, and a new episode of True Blood.  Now, is it Friday yet?


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