Four on Thursday

This week has been jam-packed with great activities, but my sleep schedule is suffering for it.  I've had Barre class Monday and tonight (at Biker Barre), dinner and a movie date on Tuesday, and went to see Hunger Games (finally!) last night at Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse which is the weirdest place I've ever been.  My uncle and cousin are in town, so I've got to squeeze in some time to see them, plus try to make it to DT's softball game Friday evening.  This weekend better be a relaxing one.


Zara Coltskin Vamp Shoe, $49.90

Love me some leopard.  But only a little bit.  You're not going to see me in a leopard trench coat or anything like that.  I simply can't pull it off.  But a hint of leopard, like this sandal?  Absolutely.  It's cute, it's a little daring, and they look comfortable.  A simple shape, with a fun print. 

Zara Linen T-Shirt with Lace Back, $35.90

Anything with the word "linen" in it is my BFF during DC summers.  Seriously, it's disgusting here.  A linen tee with a bonus lace back sounds twice as cool.  It comes in black, off-white, and coral, but I chose the black because it's sexier for a night out. 


J. Crew Factory Garment-Dyed Popover Perfect Shirt in Lemon Twist, on sale $24.50

Yellow!  I am trying to incorporate more color into my wardrobe and have a serious lack of all things yellow.  J. Crew's Perfect Shirt pretty much lives up to its name.  I like the henley button detail, plus it's a great color for the season.  It'd be great for the office with some cropped pants or a pencil skirt.


Forever 21 Striped Sheath Dress, $17.80

Also potentially for the office, although it's Forever 21, so likely too short, I'm into this striped sheath dress.  Like the sandal, it's again a classic shape, but done in a fun and modern print.  The stripes make it perfect for summer, adding that nautical touch. 


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